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Technology Revolutionises UAE Real Estate

Posted On November 30, 2017

For decades, the world of science fiction has been shaping our expectations of the future, with many puzzling terms of the past like 3-D printing, aerial drones, and virtual reality now having become reality nowadays.

However, while we might be familiar with these terms, not all of us have actually experienced the full extent of how these concepts have revolutionised modern living. One of the sectors that technology is positively affecting is real estate. Here are three technologies that are changing the UAE’s realty sector.

3-D Printing

3D printing, also known as desktop fabrication, is a prototyping process in which a real object is created through a 3D design. Once merely a fiction, the concept has now surely become a fact. The technology is being widely used in medicine and constructing architectural models. Currently, 3D printing area professionals say that “if you can draw it, you can make it”.

This concept can be seen live in Dubai where the first 3-D office building was constructed recently, setting a milestone for the future of construction industry in the UAE and the world. The 3-D office building measured 2,000 square feet and was printed layer-by-layer with a 20-foot tall 3-D printer.

And now it’s time for the furniture. Print me a sofa, would you?


No, not the ones that rain bombs or others who hang around hives. Aerial drones mounted with HD cameras are being used by real estate companies to take aerial images and make footages of their property listings. This provides high-quality, clear images that cover a larger expanse of an area. These pictures can also give a clearer idea of the premises’ locality, its neighbouring structures and the kind of surrounding it sits in.

Virtual Reality

“Virtual reality”, one of the favourite terms of the current generation, allows the user to escape into a world which looks real but isn’t. While widely used in video games, virtual reality is now being used by real estate companies to allow prospective clients to virtually tour their listings and also experience future properties with the aid of visual effects.

Yet, this has been taken a step further. Reality headsets such as Oculus Rift make these experiences richer and much more realistic than anyone could previously anticipate. Real estate companies in the UAE can use virtual reality tools such as Viviz for virtually immersive visualization, Codew for collaborative design work, and Archviz for architectural visualization. Other specialized virtual reality companies have created interactive tours and models of some of the top scale properties in Dubai, allowing users to evaluate a premises in the comfort of their home.

What’s next? Maybe a robot takes you on a convincing tour of that super apartment in Downtown Dubai you weren’t so sure about. Don’t tell me they’re on to it!


Source: The Arabian Post

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4-5 November 2019

Habtoor Grand Resort
Dubai Marina, UAE



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